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Continuous Enteral Therapy

Enteral Access

1,200–3,600 deaths per year due to misplaced feeding tubes1


Real-time visualization technology at bedside for safe and accurate2 feeding tube access without X-ray.

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The largest selection of NG/NI feeding tubes.

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PEG Tubes, Jejunal Extension Tubes, and Standard and Low Profile Replacement Gastrostomy Tubes.

Therapy Maintenance

29%–40% of feeding tubes become dislodged putting patients at higher risk for aspiration3, 4

12.5%–45% of feeding tubes become clogged7 causing delays in therapy


Prevent unwanted pull-outs with CORGRIP NG/NI Feeding Tube Retention System

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Clog Zapper’s patented pre-mixed and pre-measured, food-grade enzyme formula is designed to break up formula clogs.

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Nutrition Goal Achievement

30% of all patients5 and up to 60% of ICU patients6 have gastric feeding intolerance

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FARRELL is the market leading device for continuous relief of gastric pressure and other symptoms of enteral feeding intolerance.

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