CorMan™ Feeding Tube Placement Training Simulator

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Correct clinical teaching through simulation remains a vital part of enteral access training for both new trainees and refresher courses for experienced clinicians.

The CorMan™ simulator is designed to facilitate a wide range of training requirements. The transparent, accurate anatomy aids understanding, while the included skin cover may be used to enrich simulation.

The versatility of the simulator’s internal anatomy allows training to focus on a variety of scenarios. The feeding tube may be diverted into either the right or left lung, into the stomach or through a dynamic pyloric sphincter into the duodenum. An open mouth and moveable head demonstrate feeding tube curling in the back of the mouth during difficult placements. The lungs, stomach and small intestine all accept fluids, allowing for aspiration and administering feed or medication.

The CorMan™ simulator was developed in collaboration with Adam,Rouilly, one of the leading manufacturers of medical teaching simulators, anatomical models and charts for over 95 years. The CorMan™ simulator has been designed to enhance training and proficiency in nasogastric and nasojejunal feed tube and gastrostomy device placement and management in adults. The simulator fully supports CORPAK’s CORTRAK® Enteral Access System, augmenting training for this award winning enteral access solution.