CORTRAK® Enteral Access System

Confident Placement Without X-ray

cortrak feeding tube placement image
Using CORTRAK 2 EAS you can safely insert feeding tubes at the bedside with real time tip tracking and begin enteral therapy sooner! The CORTRAK 2 EAS has FDA clearance to be used in confirming tube tip location in lieu of X-ray.

A Decade of Helping Create a Safer Healthcare Environment

CORTRAK Technology has been in clinical use for over 10 years with more than a million feeding tubes placed. More than 40 clinical publications have detailed the efficacy, safety, and/or economics of the CORTRAK System.

How the CORTRAK® 2 EAS Works


S.A.F.E. Evidence Chart

CORTRAK 2 EASThe Evidence
Safer placement, with real-time bedside confirmation of correct placement and reduced patient exposure to X-ray and potential infection if transported for X-ray• Enhancing Patient Safety
• Reduced Need for X-ray
Accurate feeding tube placements that correlate well to X-ray. Proven in research and in use in over 200 health care systems worldwide• Accurate Jejunal Placement (.pdf)
• Transmitting Stylet-Aided Placement (.pdf)
• Verification of an Electromagnetic Placement Device Compared with Abdominal Radiograph
Faster Time To Therapy (T3) by eliminating the wait for X-ray, resulting in improved patient outcomes• Faster Initiation
• Better Outcomes
Economical, proven savings for hospitals with dramatically reduced need for X-ray, fewer complications or adverse events, and reduced inappropriate use of TPN• Beaumont Hospital $137,000 Savings Over 11 Months
• X-ray Cost Savings

See For Yourself!

CORTRAK Users Say It Best:

“We’ve used the CORTRAK System for over five years now. We’ve eliminated 93% of confirmatory X-rays and have reaped significant savings and patient safety benefits as a result of this. Also, our patients get fed sooner, which helps them move out of the ICU sooner. Our confidence in the system’s placement accuracy is well-founded—we’ve had no pneumothorax or lung placement events when using the CORTRAK System.”

—Jan Powers PhD, RN, CCRN, CNRN, FCCM Director of Clinical Nurse Specialists and Nursing Research, Trauma ICU Clinical Nurse Specialist, St. Vincent Hospital, Indianapolis

“CORTRAK has been such a positive addition to our unit! We have saved countless trips to fluoro and we have had great success with our insertions thus far.”

—Katherine Hopper RN, BSN, CCRN
VCU Medical Center, Richmond, VA

Join the growing community of successful CORTRAK users—you are in very good company.