CORFLO® NG/NI Feeding Tubes


Ask for the YELLOW Tube…

The color YELLOW for feeding tubes is a trademark of CORPAK MedSystems. CORPAK’s enteral feeding tubes are the only YELLOW feeding tubes in the market for more than 30 years.

Not All Feeding Tubes Are Created Equal! (And not all feeding tubes are the same!)

CORFLO Feeding Tube Advantages

  • Distal exit port is more than 300% larger than the internal diameter of the feeding tube, allowing more successful aspiration (JPEN1987) and significantly reduces the occurance of clogging.
  • Braided stylet construction reduces removal friction.
  • Dual port allows simple access for medications and flushing while maintaining a closed system.
  • The largest selection of adult, pediatric and neonatal feeding tubes to allow one-stop sourcing for all your feeding tubes.
  • Patented CORTRAK feeding tubes: The ONLY feeding tube that can be used with the CORTRAK® Enteral Access System

The Ultimate in Patient Safety

  • CORFLO ANTI-IV (AIV) prevents inadvertent feeding into an IV line. Compatible only with oral tip syringes.
  • Centimeter (cm) marks along the length of the tube aids placement, and allows a visual check for migration and best practice documentation.
  • CORPORT Dual port allows a closed system to be maintained during feeding, when flushing or administering medications.
  • CORFLO polyurethane feeding tubes are color coded to correspond to varying lengths.
  • Stylet lengths are matched to the individual CORFLO feeding tubes.
  • MRI SAFE (with stylet removed, MRI ≤ 3 TESLA).

Clinician Convenience and Patient Comfort

  • Flow-through stylets to flush and aspirate during the insertion procedure.
  • C19™ water activated lubricant on all feeding tubes for greater patient comfort during insertion and effortless stylet removal.
  • 100% radiopaque for X-ray confirmation.
  • Weighted tubes use multiple tungsten weights allowing for flexibility and greater comfort during insertion.
  • “Y” ports on all CORFLO polyurethane feeding tubes minimize touch contamination and make flushing easy.

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