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CORFLO NG/NI Feeding Tubes with ENFit™ Connectors Product Literature

CORFLO Nasogastric/Nasointestinal Feeding Tubes with ENFit™ Connectors from CORPAK MedSystems provide the largest selection of adult, pediatric and neonatal feeding tubes. The new CORFLO clear Y access port with ENFit™ connectors is designed to help prevent feeding tube misconnections and enhance safety.*

Your CLEAR connection to Enteral Safety!

  • Clear material allows for visual inspection of connection with administration sets and for cleanliness before, during, and after use.
  • Soft, pliable material and ergonomic, smooth shape – was designed with human factors engineering and customer input.
  • Purple caps with easy-grip ridges and threaded caps provide secure connections.
  • Purple helps identify the tube is for enteral use.


  • The ONLY feeding tube that can be used with the patented CORTRAK® Enteral Access System (EAS™)
  • Exclusive CORPAK YELLOW tube design
  • CORFLO ULTRA’s unique anti-clog exit port design is more than 300% larger than the internal diameter of the feeding tube, significantly reducing the occurrence of clogging
  • CORFLO CONTROLLER tubes are designed for maximum control during the insertion procedure, especially with endoscopic and fluoroscopic placements
  • Polyurethane material provides larger inner lumen, which is excellent for long-term use
  • Braided stylet design allows simple removal
  • Rounded tungsten weights provide flexibility and increased comfort during placement
  • Entire tube is radiopaque for easy visualization under X-ray
  • Centimeter marks along the length of the tubeto aid placement and check migration
  • MRI SAFE (with stylet removed, MRI ≤ 3 TESLA)