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CORLITE Nasogastric Feeding Tubes and Extension Sets Product Literature

CORLITE™ feeding tubes and extension sets with ENFit™ Connectors from CORPAK offer a full range of products to meet all the enteral feeding needs of neonatal and pediatric patients.

All feeding tubes are provided sterile with a single ENFit™ access port to reduce the weight on the proximal end of the feeding tube, which may help reduce tube migration into the
esophagus. ENFit connectors are designed to help prevent feeding tube misconnections and enhance safety.

Long Term/Indwell Polyurethane Feeding Tube

  • Broad size range offering from 5 Fr 15” to 8 Fr 36”
  • The thinner walls of polyurethane material offer the largest inner diameter per French size to maximize flow
  • Slightly stiffer to reduce kinking during insertion, but soft and comfortable when indwelling
  • Open distal tip and side exit ports
  • Smooth edges on three offset side ports reduce risk of adherence to stomach mucosal lining and improve patient comfort on insertion and withdrawal of tube
  • Rounded tip to increase patient comfort during insertion
  • Printed centimeter (cm) markings along the length of the tube to aid insertion and to provide feedback to clinician for potential of tube migration
  • ENFit access port in purple color to provide visual cue for enteral use only
  • Clear tubing with orange radiopaque stripe

Extension Sets

Enteral Feeding Extension Sets provide access from the feeding tube to a syringe or enteral syringe pump. CORLITE Extension sets are available with and without an in-line Y port in multiple lengths.